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I’m in love…

I often find myself wondering, what is it that drives brand loyalty? I have a theory that falling in love with a brand is only two steps removed from actually falling in love. I came to this realization not just because Valentine’s Day is around the corner, but because I’m currently having a torrid love affair with several brands: Apple, Gilt Groupe, Michael Kors, among my top 3.

So, what is it about these lurid brands that has attracted me? As a society we’ve become so brand focused, it’s second nature. Where does Apple leave off and I step in?  At some point I lost track of the boundaries, and somewhere here within lies the magic!  There appeal is an allure I can’t resist — I’m in Love.

The innovation that is Apple. The classic style that is Michael Kors. The decadence that is Gilt Groupe.



Each of these admired brands has unlocked a secret ingredient. It would seem to me they have managed to exude brand at every touch point, every interaction… whether in store, on the web, or over mobile… in their packaging, in the store, and certainly in their advertising. Creating this ‘persona’ of a brand is an almost impossible task for today’s corporations, but one well worth the effort to build fans and loyal customers who will fall in love with (and hopefully remain faithful to)  your brand. 

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